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Cube Boxes

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It all starts with quality packaging! Composed of durable, thick stock with premium print and coatings, our Custom Cube Boxes are perfect for promotional items, cosmetics and so much more. The reverse tuck bottom, auto tuck bottom make Custom Cube Boxes easy to assemble, and there’s no glue required!

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Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Cosmetics Packaging
  • Promotional Packaging (for small promo items)
  • Business Card Holders
  • Storage Boxes for Small Items
  • Retail Packaging
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Health & Beauty Product Packaging
  • Apparel & Accessories Packaging
  • Gift Boxes

Choose the box closure style that is right for you!

Straight Tuck Ends (STE)

Tucks on top and bottom. Matching orientation creates a clean, attractive front

Reverse Tuck Ends (RTE)

Tucks on top and bottom. Most common & economical style.

Auto-Bottom (TT-AB)

Tucks on top and has a glued auto bottom closure. Ideal for heavier products.

Box Material

All boxes are printed on White C1S SBS Paperboard that is made from a Recyclable material that is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and Styrofoam. All orders are flood coated with a gloss aqueous coating. Matte coating available upon request.

We carry 16PT and 18PT Thick Paperboard:

16PT is a standard weight paper that is ideal for lightweight products.

18PT is thicker in weight so it is ideal for heavier products like candles and mugs.